Photograph of Fotini Hamplova

Meet the reviewer

Fotini Hamplova holds a BA Honours in Education and Society as well as a PhD in Philosophy of Education. Her doctoral thesis specialized in Platonic Studies, looking at how Socratic dialogue cultivates virtue in learners. (Incidentally she also holds an MSc in Ecological Economics). She has always been interested in what makes education excellent. She wants to bring ‘the best’ to learners – and to bring ‘the best out’ in learners. She believes that these two processes go hand in hand.

Fotini has four children of her own who love books as much as she does. They help her find the best books and they inspire her to be diligent in her choices.

She loves reading (obviously); she loves beauty; nature; and traditional stuff. She has experience home-schooling some of her children (those were happy days); she has a growing interest in Classical Education Models; and now she is involved in establishing Christian primary schools in the UK.  

Fotini spends all of her free time pulling old books out of bins and from the corners of bazaars. One day she hopes to read them all.