Welcome to Search Good Books

We are glad that you have found your way to this website!

Search Good Books was created for three reasons:

1.     Children and young people benefit from reading good books

2.     Very many good wholesome books exist for children, but

3.     It has become increasingly difficult to find these worthwhile books.

Books are everywhere these days. Thousands of books are being published for children and young people every year. These are promoted everywhere, in libraries, schools, bookstores and digitally. However, when we tried to get books for our children to read, we found that many of these books were not worth reading. We started to feel that this mass of publications was creating so much noise, that it was becoming harder for families to find the good books. It feels as if all the quality literature has gotten mixed up with, and buried under, the endless pile of ‘not that great books’.

We realised that adults who want to buy a book for a child might struggle to work out which books are worth getting. Navigating all of the books available and identifying the ones that will profit their reader is no easy task! Most people do not have the time to carry out the careful and thorough search that is needed for finding the good books.

We feel that this is a serious problem. We do not want children to waste their time reading mundane books, or be exposed to harmful books. Even more, we do not want children to miss out on the opportunity of reading and enjoying quality literature. Excellent books have been written throughout history. These make up a big part of humanity’s treasure – and we do not want our children to be deprived of that.

We love good books, and we love little people. We decided that there is a real need for someone to put in the labour of finding worthwhile literature and making it easily available to families. We felt this need keenly and so there was nothing for it but to rise to the occasion and make this list of good books ourselves.

We have spent the past few years reading through every book we can find and making a list of all the books that met our criteria for worthwhile reading material. We then created this website to make this list of books easy to search.

Our hope is that anyone who wants to gift a book to a child (to anyone under 20 years of age) can come to this list, search our archive by theme or age, and find a list of books worth buying.

No time or space has been wasted criticising books that we do not approve of on this website. Every book that you will find here is a good book. It is not our purpose to point out which books are not appropriate for children to read. But rather to create a searchable list where each and every book is worthwhile. You can come here and find any book that interests you, and you can trust that it is a good book. Every book on this list is worthy of merit, or it would not be here.

You can choose any book from the list with confidence. We hope that you will find this list helpful and that you will make good use of it.

So there you have the long and the short of it. We hope that you are excited to finally find such a site as you have been wishing for all this time. Finally, all of our books have been chosen for being 'Christian-friendly'. Find out more about what we mean by this here.

Let us end by saying that this list is in no way complete! There are thousands of books still that deserve to be listed here. Time restrictions are the only reason we have not included more books (yet). Our intention is that we will continue to grow the archive weekly over the years to come. We hope that you will come back again and again, and always find a new book to love.