Mother To Elephants: The Story of Daphne Sheldrick

R.G. de Rouen
Kateryna Rohotova
Published by:
R.G. de Rouen, LLC
Suitable for ages:

Daphne Sheldrick was Kenyan lady who became known for her dedication to animal conservation. As we learn from this picture book (among other things) she was very important in setting up a home for orphaned elephants who would otherwise perish in the wild. She is a very interesting, devoted and able lady who gave much of her life to her remarkable projects. Sheldrick acted out of love for animals and made achieved great acts. It is always profitable for us to learn about such people and be inspired by their ethos.

This book, with its charming illustrations, acts as a lovely introduction to Sheldrick's life and work. Children are reminded about the greatness that is achieved by hard-working authentic people. At the same time, readers have their attention turned to the splendour of our created world and of wildlife.

An important children's introduction to worthwhile human achievements. An inspiring biographical book. I would recommend this book to every primary school library or family. It shows what can be done when you put your heart into it.

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