The Cottage at Bantry Bay

Hilda van Stockum
Published by:
Bethlehem Books
Suitable for ages:

This is a heartwarming book that shows life in rural Ireland.

It is set in the early 1930's. The reader spends time with a family living in a cottage deep in Irish countryside. We follow them on their various adventures and we grow to love them dearly. The simplicity of a happy rural family life is presented here as idyllic. Still, the book offers enough adventure and humour to entertain younger readers as well as older ones.

Reading this book children get a breath of fresh air. They experience some of the outdoor life and childhood freedom of the past. Alongside this they see children doing chores and being useful to their families. The children in this book are responsible and mature in the ways that people of the past were, whilst being carefree and playful at the same time. This book is a very refreshing experience for modern people. 

Alongside this 'happy experience' of being amongst happy Irish personalities and beautiful landscape, the reader is also taught some basic Irish history. The book is well written and various characters bring it to life. It has a beautiful philosophy to it. It is a restful book (without being boring).

A nice book for children and for lovers of folk history. It is a book full of charm.

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