The Cross and the Stag

Gabriel Wilson
Published by:
Ancient Faith Publishing
Suitable for ages:

This graphic novel tells the story of the ‘incredible adventures of st. Eustathius’ and his family. St. Eustatius (Eustace) was a roman general in the second century who became a Christian martyr during the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Hadrian. He is venerated as a saint by the Catholic as well as the Orthodox Christian Church.

His life story is truly remarkable. I suggest that you read another account of his life as well as this one. He lived through so many adventures that his story sounds like an exaggerated unbelievable film plot. Truthfully, I do not find that this book captures his story as well as it could. It falls short of the splendour of the true story. Nevertheless, it tries to bring the tale to young readers. There are not many books that try to do so.

Also, it is in the form of a graphic novel, which many children like. Since children are attracted to graphic novels - and many graphic novels are too explicit to be appropriate - it is good to have a handful of resources to give children. This is one such book. It is good enough and its content is profitable. An ideal gift for young Christians who like adventures. It is only about 50 pages long and it is easy to read. Unfortunately, like many small-scale publications made in the USA, it is expensive to get here in Europe. However, you can get it, and it is worth looking out for a second hand copy.

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