Over a Hot Stove: a Kitchen Maid’s Story

Flo Wadlow
Published by:
Allison and Busby
Suitable for ages:

This short book is a memoir of a lady named Flo Wadlow (1912-2013). At the age of 16 she became a kitchen maid and began a life in service in various English upperclass households. We see the history of her era through her eyes and her unique voice.

She was a very intelligent and able lady with a very positive obliging attitude towards life. Her memoir gives anyone interested in folk history a lot of interesting details. We learn a lot about the working class from her. She is a pleasant personality to spend time with.

Historical reality well-told has treasures to give to any reader who makes the effort; however, girls may enjoy this book even more since they might be more particularly interested in the life of women.

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